Tracy Hornets


Day Time Location
 Mondays/ Wednesdays  5 30PM – 630PM  Williams Middle School
 Starts TBA

Our mission is to advance the total development of our student-athletes through the sport of Track & Field by providing a positive AND competitive training environment that helps Tracy youth attain and excel THEIR peak performance.

The Tracy Hornets Track team was developed to provide each athlete the opportunity to compete in youth meets and achieve success at his or her own level. Regardless of whether your athletes achieve a personal best, win a medal, or earn the chance to compete nationally, they will ALL have the opportunity to improve themselves, build character, and make new friends and memories for a lifetime!

Those athletes who have the potential and motivation to take their athleticism to the collegiate level will receive EVERYTHING necessary from our highly experienced coaching staff to develop and execute a “P.O.A.” (Plan of Action) that can assist them in achieving their goal of competing collegiate level.  With this POA the athlete and their parents can take advantage of the tremendous benefits academic and athletic scholarships have to offer.  We strive to prepare our student-athletes to utilize track and field as a means to DEVELOP, IMPROVE, and OPTIMIZE the blessings afforded to them through their athleticism.

For additional comments and/or questions, please contact us anytime, thank you!